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EZ-Facts.com review rating
Address: 33 South Duke St 
York, Pennsylvania 17401
United States
Phone: 800-717-4229  
Email: info@ez-facts.com
Website: www.ez-facts.com  

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Number Of Employees:
Annual Revenue:
In Business Since: 1927
NAPBS Member: Yes
About: EZ-FACTS is the Employment Screening division of CBY Systems Inc., an 85 year old Consumer Reporting Agency, providing employment screening for over 40 years and nationally since 1995. We pride ourselves on personal customer service and prefer to provide Primary Source information as opposed to merely buying and reselling database information. We serve clients throughout the country including Hospitals, Banks, Colleges and Manufacturers. We offer online order/delivery as well as interfaces to most Applicant Tracking Software or our own ATS solution. Thank you for considering EZ-FACTS.com

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