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Tenant Evaluation

Tenant Evaluation review rating
Address: 11606 City Hall Promenade 

Miramar, Florida 33024
United States
Phone: 305-692-7900  
Email: luis@tenantevaluation.com
Website: tenantevaluation.com  

5Extended Profile

Number Of Employees: 25
Annual Revenue:
In Business Since: 2007
NAPBS Member: Yes
About: Tenant Evaluation understands that one size does not fit all. We offer a wide range of products from criminal history searches, eviction records, lien searches, landlord verification, credit report files, international criminal search, bank verification, and more. Whether you are looking for instant search results or in-depth verification reports.

Tenant Evaluation can help you minimize and eliminate poor choices by having your prospective tenants thoroughly screened before they move in.

Our solutions let property managers quickly turn qualified applicants into residents. We help protect your property from problem applicants who can cause potential financial loss or liability. We supply the core for your business system; one that is scalable, customizable, stable, and backed by exceptional customer service

Every resident plays a role in the quality and safety of your community. Criminal offenders can disrupt and even endanger the entire neighborhood. Our tenant background search accesses criminal records across the country to help you determine if a potential applicants have a record of violence, property destruction, sexual offense or financial crime.

We combine innovative technology with experienced professional and industry insight to provide criminal history, eviction records, credit report files, lien searches, landlord verification, international criminal search, bank verification, federal criminal search, character verification, sex offender search, suit search, terrorist watch list


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