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Understanding Ratings

Here is a guide to helping you understand the BackgroundCheckReviews.net rating system. One very important thing to understand is that quantity is king. The more reviews, the more reliable the rating. BackgroundCheckReviews.net actively contacts organizations and encourages them to place reviews for their background check provider. Additionally, we encourage member organizations to participate by notifiying and soliciting reviews from their clients. If they have nothing to hide, then there should be nothing to worry about.

It is typical and easy to get a few bad reviews since people like to tell the world when they are upset. When an organization has a large number of reviews, you can begin to establish that companies service levels. Below are futher suggested considerations for company gradings.

The gradings are based on the percentage as you would find in most schools.


Probably impossible for any company to attain. Be impressed should you find a company with an "A+" rating who has more than 10 or 15 reviews. 98% and higher in points gets an A+.

A, A-

This is a company who provides exceptional service and puts client needs first. Make sure they have enough reviews to truly have earned this rating. (90% and up)

B+, B, B-

This company is still a quality company. They work hard to ensure client satisfaction. They still put forth effort to please but have a few issues that most companies deem acceptable. (80% - 89%)

C+, C, C-

There will probably be alot of "C" level organizations. Typically companies who are to large and have lost focus of their customer service initiatives will receive "C" ratings. Smaller companies who lack the infrastructure to have a thriving sales program and a solid operations department will fall into this classification. (70% - 79%)

D+, D, D-

"D" level ratings are indicitive of organizations that have many issues and either don't possess the capacity to ensure client satisifaction or don't participate in the BackgroundCheckReviews.net program to ensure sufficient reviews to receive an accurate rating.


Thoroughly consider your choices.








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