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About BackgroundCheckReviews.net

BackgroundCheckReviews.net is a small organization of entrepreneurs and programmers (4 in total) with former experience in the background check and employment/tenant screening industry.

With no affiliations to any organization, we wondered how to best use the experiece we gained in the background check industry. It was unanimously agreed that creating a method to help background check companies prospect in a manner that would create a harmonious relationship with the end User would be the most innovative service introduced to the industry in decades.

The BackgroundCheckReviews.net method offers tremendous opportunities for Users (HR and Tenant Professionals) to compare Providers and make a selection based on their specific needs. The system was designed to measure different parameters and make suggestions that would best suit the User. Factors such as rating, company size, location, price, and technology are all considered by the Users to ultimately decide who wins an RFQ. It also allows for Providers to build a stronger reputation and credibility through legitimate, verified reviews.

We have and will continue to invest in online marketing and relationships with HR organizations worldwide to attract new Users who are looking for background check companies. Part of what makes us attractive to HR professionals is their ability to avoid annoying sales calls and to compare background check companies "apples to apples". They can get as few as 10 or an unlimited number of quotes without ever answering their phone.

HR/Tenant Users can utilize the system completely free. For Providers, we have designed our system to be free of charge initially so each background check company who wishes to participate can edit their profile and explore the system without ever having to use a credit card. Furthermore, we do not have recurring billing. Should you decide to stop using the system, you don't have to contact us. When your time expires, you're finished!

Thank you for considering our service and we hope that both User and Provider will find BackgroundCheckReviews.net as beneficial as we have intended.






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