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BackgroundCheckReviews.net Awards Program

The BackgroundCheckReviews.net Award Program was designed to recognize excellence in the background check industry. We are avid believers that great achievements should be recognized to ensure that Providers strive to achieve exceptional results on behalf of their clients. Furthermore, recognition of this kind helps end users recognize which background check companies will best serve their interests.

Customer Service Award - Background Check Companies

Customer Service Award
This award will be presented to the organization that receives the highest customer service rating during the year of 2012. Reviews will be included up through January of 2013.

The winner of this award will display excellence in achievement in maintaining client satisfaction through ongoing service commitments, problem resolutions, and day to day relationship building skills.

Membership is not required to participate or be awarded this achievement, but company rating is the primary factor in the decision making process.


Innovation & Technology
The Innovation and Technology award will be awarded to the organization who introduces something new to the background check industry that specifically enhances the industry even if it only benefits their clients.

Background Check organizations must submit their application by January 31st, 2013 for consideration.

Membership is not required to participate or be awarded this achievement.

OverAll Excellence

Overall Excellence
The Overall Excellence Award will go to the company who receives the highest rating and quantity of reviews during the year and shows an ongoing significant contribution to the background check community.

The winner of this award must have received at least 20 reviews during the year.

Membership is not required to participate or be awarded this achievement.







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