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user membership (FREE)

If you are a User, someone who is looking for a background check company, there is no charge to use this system. It is completely free of charge. You are under no obligation to use any of the companies who respond to your Request For Quote and you can remain anonymous if you so desire.


provider membership information

Membership to BackgroundCheckReviews.net is simple and affordable. Once you claim your profile or request to be added to the directory of Providers, you will receive unrestricted access for 15 days. During this period, you can review and even bid on all RFQs (Request For Quotes).

Remember, each Provider brings a different set of qualities to each bid. Size, cost, and even geographic location play a major part in the decision making process of our Users. Everyone has a chance to win a bid, regardless of the size or revenue of your organization. Not all organizations listed on our site are members or bid on every RFQ.


increase your chance of winning RFQs

BackgroundCheckReviews.net provides our users (the organizations that issue RFQs) with a specialized report that compares each bid to each other and the average bid amounts. Based on the results of each bid, our computer will generate recommendations based on prices and Provider rating.

Rating is a very important factor in gaining bid strength. We believe that the stronger your reviews, the better quality company. Contact your clients and encourage them to submit their reviews to improve your chances of winning more business.



BackgroundCheckReviews.net has a unique pricing structure that allows you to experience our system with minimal to no investment. There is no recurring charge so you never have to worry about canceling. When your time expires, you simply have to purchase an extension.

After your first 45 days there is a 1 time membership fee of $99.00. We wait 45 days before we charge this fee to give you the opportunity to fully experience the website and see all it has to offer.

First 15 Days FREE    
30 Day Extension $29.00    
1 Time Membership Fee
(After 45 days)






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